Attuning; Movement Practice
Attuning is a psychosomatic movement, compositional and performance practice. It facilitates a way of listening with open receptivity to ‘inner’ bodily space, ‘outer’ environmental space and a ‘third’ creative space. Through movement, stillness and exchange, we attune to our sensory, kinaesthetic and energetic capacity of our body-mind. This practice is applicable to any artist of any discipline interested in working through a deeply embodied approach. It combines principles from Release-based Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation, Yoga and Somatic Practices.

Mairéad’s dance and choreographic practice is predicated on cultivating an awareness of the body-mind-environment as one intelligent living system. Her movement practice prepares for an inner inhabitation of our body-mind, which moves outwards through space from a more embodied perspective. Her movement enquiry reflects on how our inner sensed and felt experience extends out to directly influence our perception and our relationship with our environment. ‘Attuning’ is the result of her four-year Arts Practice PhD research into the symbiotic relationship between the body-mind and environment.  It supports the three elements of her practice – dance, composition and performance. Her current choreographic interest is in constructing immersive performance installations that elicit a sensory, kinaesthetic and energetic response.